Program Summary

The TRM program start date is determined by counting back 26 weeks from the date of the Modesto Marathon in March of the following year. This start date will usually be mid to late September.  The training schedule provided to each participant consists of a progressive schedule that begins on week one with 30 minute walk/run workouts and builds to a final long run of 22 miles by week 23. Students will have the opportunity to run in various local races as well as travel out of town for longer runs over 16 miles. Seminars covering proper nutrition, hydration, and injury prevention will be available to all participants.

How To Participate

In order participate in the TRM Program, students must register by filling out the on line application on the Teens website.  Along with completion of the registration form, students must also provide a signed parental permission slip and a clearance from their family doctor to participate in the program. Free physicals through the Golden Valley Health Clinic are available for those students who qualify.

Site Leaders and Mentors

The site leader and assistants at each school are volunteers and have made a 26 week commitment to mentor and train with the students. The site leaders will download TRM applications from the website and collect waivers and physical clearances from students at their individual schools. Once a student has completed all of the necessary paperwork they are eligible to begin training. A list of participating schools will be published on the TRM website. Weekday group run schedules will set by the individual site leaders, and weekend group runs will be set by the overall schedule provided.  A complete training schedule will be available on the TRM website or a copy may be obtained from the site leader.

Program Perks

Each student is provided a training shirt at the beginning of the season. Once the student has demonstrated their commitment to the program through their attendance and participation, they will be provided a voucher for a hydration bottle and a pair of running shoes. Those successfully completing the required training and long runs will receive an entry into the Modesto Marathon, ticket to the pre-race pasta dinner, and a TRM race day tech shirt.

Students register here for the 2022-2023 season