2017 TRM Leadership Program

Teens Run Modesto Leadership Program is coming back again! The program is completely free for TRM student juniors and seniors. Email runningcoachamanda@gmail.com and request an application for the program. Deadline to sign up for the program is Sunday, March 19th.
A little more about the program… this will be the second year that we have offered the program. The program starts the week after the Modesto Marathon and lasts 4 weeks. It is targeted to help our juniors and seniors transition into life after high school by developing skills in professionalism, leadership, communication, and ethics. Students that participate in the TRM Leadership Program will receive professional mentorship, invaluable skills, an opportunity to discover leadership, build confidence, and special consideration for the TRM scholarship. Last year was our first year and we had about 10 students complete the program. We received great feedback from our students and hope to further develop the program this year and increase our reach.
If anyone is interested in helping with this program, please reach out to me directly. Especially those of you with professional experience – please consider volunteering!
Amanda Drake